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1986 street-style skateboarding competition

1986 street-style skateboarding competition

Here is another vintage skate video for your enjoyment. This one is of a street-style competition at Diable St., 1986.

This street-style competition requires competitors to get creative. It was a time before the boards were shaped to make flip tricks easy – or at least, that’s what the old heads will tell you- but these guys do deliver.

The skaters do handstands, peep 2:08 to see one, hit mini ramps, air outs, and bonelesses. You can’t hate, these guys pioneered skateboarding, we’re riding the wave.

Aside from the tricks, Neil Blender takes a 30-second break from the competition to do graffiti, skip to 1:00. Something like that would only happen in the 80s.

Only two skaters are named, Neil Blender and Natus Kaupas, but it’s a fun video, and a look into the past. Let us know what you think in the comment’s section below.


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