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2018 Red Bull Bowl Ripper Competition

2018 Red Bull Bowl Ripper Competition

Marseille, France is home to the iconic annual Red Bull Bowl Rippers competition. The park was built with a seamless flow which gives skateboarders a chance to wow spectators with bold and daring tricks.

The competition attracts top-tier athletes from all over, with an unmatchable roster that includes the famed likes of Shaun White, Pedro Barros, Karl Berglind, Brighton Zeuner, and many more.

The competition pits skaters against each other in a “jam format” placing competitors right alongside one another, which just adds the challenge of having to avoid crashing into another person – it doesn’t always end well, like at 1:29 during Greyson Fletcher run –

To further elaborate, a jam formatted competition allows the skaters a set period of time where they only get scored on what they land, any failed landings are not counted against competitors.

The 2018 Red Bull Bowl Ripper is already set to be a landmark one as this will be the first time the event will feature an integrated women’s category. Peep the full video to see who takes the coveted crown’s home.


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