Home Park 2018 Spitfire Greatest Hits and Misses

2018 Spitfire Greatest Hits and Misses

2018 Spitfire Greatest Hits and Misses

Take a glance into the Spitfire’s team’s biggest hits and misses of 2018. This video is an edit of everything Spitfire filmed throughout 2018. This video shows all the slams, major lands, and even a ton of NBDs.

Expect to see footage from Ishod Wair, Zion Wright, Grant Taylor, Andrew Reynolds, and more.

It’s hard deciding which trick is our favorite, but we narrowed it down. It’s either Tristan “TFunks” Funkhouser’s fence ride at 3:10 or Ishod Wair’s line at 3:32.

Aside from the biggest tricks from 2018, this video shows us some of the biggest misses too. Whether you’re in it for the smalls or lands, get ready for 6 minutes of skateboarding fun.

What was your favorite part of this video? Let us know in the comments below.

This video is brought to you by Spitfire Wheels.


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