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6-Pack with Daan Van Der Linden

6-Pack with Daan Van Der Linden

Watch as Daan Van Der Linden throws down 6 tricks in Amsterdam, Holland to win a 6-pack and 35 dollars. He is put to the test as the Chris “Rhino” Mooney, Independent Trucks Team Manager, asks him to throw down tricks such as nose-grind tail grabs and indie nose picks – A lot of work for some booze and 35 bucks.

This video was shot back in 2013 when Daan Van Der Linden was 17, but it’s all good. The drinking age in Holland is 16, he had a year to prepare for this moment.

Regardless, it’s impressive, at 17, Daan Van Der Linden could land Rhino’s trick list, and even more impressive that he could chug an entire Heineken – see the beer-chugging at 3:40.

Daan Van Der Linden has grown immensely and is now 23 years old and skates for Nike SB, Volcom, and Antihero. He has been a ripper since inception and this video is proof.

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