6 Pack with P-Stone

2017 was a rough year in skateboarding as Preston “P-Stone” Maigetter was tragically taken away from us on August 30th, 2017. We won’t get into details, this video is to remember P-Stone as the rad dude he was.

Maigetter was a filmer for Thrasher and rode for Independent trucks. Back in 2013, Independent caught up with P-Stone at the Hullet Bowl in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The video follows P-Stone as he takes on challenges in hopes to win a 6-pack and 35 Kroners, a Norwegian currency, which totals just over six dollars ($4.03 in 2019).

The prize isn’t huge, but P-Stone is in it for the fun and, the tiny prize doesn’t stop him from throwing down – P-stone sends it with front-side boneless to tail-smacks and front-side boneless disasters.

You can find the front-side boneless to tail-smack at 1:60, and the front-side boneless disasters at 2:25.

Catch the video above and find out if P-Stone takes it home.


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