9 Year Old Pro Skater Sky Brown Does a 540 Rodeo Flip

The younger generation is constantly pushing the envelope. One of our favorite youngsters is Sky Brown. If you haven’t heard of her… you will soon.

The 9-year-old skateboarder is originally from Japan. She came to America and stopped by Venice skatepark to destroy the parks.

She is in fact one of the youngest professional skateboarders with sponsors from industry power houses like; Almost and Nike SB. With tricks like the 540 Rodeo Flip under her belt -see it in slow-motion at 1:54 – it’s hard to doubt her greatness. She’s good, and not just for her age.

It’s hard to think that her career is only beginning especially after watching this video produced by Kumo Film of Brown skating through Venice Beach Skatepark – spectators crowd around the park to specifically see people like Brown skate. The park is another playground for Brown.

She is extremely talented and possesses an endless potential, keep your eyes out for her. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her skating in the Olympics in a few years.

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