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All 80s Skateboard Competition

All 80s Skateboard Competition

Quiksilver has been tethered to the skate game since the inception of the sport – the first shop opened up in 1969 – Torquay, Australia. A fateful dive into their archives brought us the adjoining gem; original footage from a genuine old school competition.

Practitioners and fans alike can recognize that the skate scene of the 80s skateboard competition is radically different from today. Queue the slideshow of the endless summer look – mullets, knee-length shorts, and the classic “safety first” helmet and pads aesthetic.

Back then the skateboard competition’s didn’t have a developed street scene and most skaters would only hit ramps and/or vert – slip tricks were still coming-of-age.

Although the contests were nothing like the street league and giant bowl competitions we see today, the influence given and creativity inspired by these trailblazers helped make skateboarding what it is today.

Don’t begin to think these guys didn’t have tricks, Omar Hassan run at 1:37 is super solid.

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