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Bob Burnquists’s Dreamland

Bob Burnquists’s Dreamland

It’s sometime in the early 2000s. Skateboarding fans are at home playing one of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Games. The game lets you play as a pro skater of your choosing. You pick your skater and start doing the impossible such as tricks onto a helicopter all the way to jumping over buildings.

What if I told you, Bob Burnquist, professional skateboarder and a Pro Skater’s Playable character, could do those tricks IRL? Well, he can. Bob blesses us with his first full video part in the Classics: Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” Part.

Viewers get a peek at his full-sized backyard skate park in Southern California. With huge rails and the 60-foot mega ramp, Burnquist’s backyard has become a mecca in skateboarding.

The stunts done by Burnquist are truly out of a video game, especially the heli sesh at 7:14 – what happens if he goes a few feet higher?

Peep the video to see the madness and let us know your comments below!

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