Home Street Building a mini ramp with Billy Rohan

Building a mini ramp with Billy Rohan

Building a mini ramp with Billy Rohan

Ever wonder how a mini ramp is built? Your curiosity need not wonder anymore, as Billy Rohan explains how the mini ramp is built. It isn’t as difficult as you’d think and having one would be sweet. So Sweet!

He goes over the entire process from start to finish. Hear crucial tips from Billy Rohan himself, like at 8:00, Rohan says, “you always want to work form the bottom up so that it doesn’t get warped in the middle.”

This video also mentions at 8:30 the importance of layering the plywood. Billy Rohan says, “a lot of people try to get away with using less wood, but it’s good to use a ½ inch sheet of ply, and then another… so that you don’t break through and hurt yourself.” Breaking through the ramp is the last thing you want.

Plywood, 2x4s, power tools, and a little know-how and you’re good to go. Skip the rookie mistakes, and build a ramp like a pro. (disclaimer – don’t try this at home)


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