Home Street Chris Joslin promo for his pro model

Chris Joslin promo for his pro model

Chris Joslin promo for his pro model

22-year-old California native, Chris Joslin is an absolute maverick in today’s street pro-skateboarding scene. This video is a promo, for the self-titled “Joslin” – a showcase of the Etnies Pro Model. With this, Etnies is striving to preserve Joslin’s legacy.

Etnies representatives have stated that, “The amount of footage Joslin has produced in four years is unprecedented” and that “the level of skateboarding that he operates at is insurmountable.” Such a reputation no doubt garners stellar endorsement points for a shoe that pushes the “limits of performance and durability.”

Now, promo aside, this video is a sweet appetizer that gives us a lingering taste of Joslin’s talents. His street style is genuinely unique and technically sound with a constant flow of butter grinds plus the flip-in and flip-out tricks – Joslin serves up something for fresh for all spectators. Our favorite trick is the “switch frontside flip” which can be seen at 03:28.

We gotta say it’s hard to pick when all the tricks are so gnarly. One thing we can confidently say, Joslin is unstoppable!


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