Home Park Grant Taylor vs. Quarterpipe

Grant Taylor vs. Quarterpipe

Grant Taylor vs. Quarterpipe

It may not be a halfpipe, but this freshly made backyard quarter pipe is enough for Grant Taylor and the rest of the guys to lay down tricks. With a little beer, and tons of antics, this video keeps the spirit of skateboarding alive.

Watch at :30 to see a back 5-0 beer grab. Taylor’s drop into the quarter pipe caveman style from the roof, at 1:30, is gnarly. You can hear in the background, “The most sober dude here, dying” to land this gnarly trick.

The skateboarding is creative and has Taylor reaching deep into his trick archive to give this quarter pipe a warm welcome.

Want more skate videos? Head over to the Berrics YouTube channel.

What was your favorite trick? Let us know in the comments below.


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