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History of Hill Skateboarding

History of Hill Skateboarding

The hills of San Francisco will always dwell in a special place for skateboarders. The iconic San Francisco hills have been in countless videos and has skateboarders swarming.

Adventure Sports Network YouTube channel, dug up this video, a short history of the San Francisco hills. The video is narrated over a montage of vintage hill skateboarding clips. The clips include the likes of Chris Senn, Tommy Guerrero, Dan Drehobl, and more.

The hill scene was huge, the narrator describes it, “Imagine a pack of ten guys just going up on the bus and skating all the way down. Over and over again.”

Watch from 1:20 to 1:50 to see vintage clips of Tommy Guerrero skate down the San Fran Hills. This video also includes the clip of Sean Young bombing down Gulf Street in the rain.

This video is definitely a classic. Do you skate hills? Let us know in the comments where the hills in your areas are.


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