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Omar Hassan’s Pro tips for Pool Skaters

Omar Hassan’s Pro tips for Pool Skaters

Ever find yourself bottom dwelling and coming up short of the coping? If you’re having trouble finding the necessary speed, or if you simply need to clean up your technique, this video is for you.

Omar Hassan, professional skateboarder and O.G. Vans Team rider, teams up with YouTube Channel SportSkoolPlus and heads to Peer park in Portland Oregon to teach pool skateboarding.

The lesson goes over pool fundamentals; carving to find speed, grinding through corners, and getting corner air-outs. The fundamentals are what will get you to the top.
The secret to getting to coping is simple: you need to carve.

Hassan says it himself, “that’s the only way you’re going to generate enough speed to get around or get to the top” of a bowl (catch the carving lesson at 1:23). We could list the tips, but it’s best to hear it from Hassan himself.

Follow them, and you’ll see yourself closer to coping, if not airing out (Full send).

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