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Permission: Pool Skateboarding Documentary

Permission: Pool Skateboarding Documentary

In a time of economic unruliness, skateboarders found an opportunity in a random Californian city; Fresno. The opportunity; pools.

Fresno California was in a state of urban crusty-ness, houses abandoned and boarded up, it was an eyesore and nothing was really going on.

For as many foreclosures, there seemed to be an equal amount of empty poolshttps://halfpipe.tv/steve-caballeros-50th-birthday-bash/ to skate. Kevin Kowalski recalls, ” there are pools all over the place.

You could just go between [the] streets and neighborhoods and alleyways and basically find them everywhere.” Not only were the pools everywhere, the skateboarders would get permission to skate them. That is how this documentary got its name.

Having permission was a game changer, skateboarders didn’t have the fear of being kicked out, and they could properly set up their filming equipment.

The fear of cops crashing the party disappeared and skateboarders could focus on riding. Watch at 6:15 to see a montage of the pools from Fresno.


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