Pooling Around with Lance Mountain

“Pool skating takes me back to a time when I was a kid and it was what we wanted to do when we’re 12 and 13. We didn’t’ get to skate a lot of them and there weren’t a lot of them and that’s were vertical skating started.

For years, it kind of, it was always in our hearts, but it wasn’t the main thing. In the last few years, I think it’s become a main thing to a lot of these kids because it really lends itself to more of what the feel of street skating in… These kids are now doing things in pools that have never been done. – Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain is right about the kids today. The tricks they do, shouldn’t even be doable in a pool, but the new generation found a way. Mountain is an encyclopedia for pool skating history. He was there when it was first arising and is still here now.

In this edition of Pooling Around, Lance Mountain names relevant skaters that are changing the way people skate pools. Lance says, Kevin Kowalski “ Can do anything on any wall. Finds speed where it doesn’t belong. He was one of the first to do this.” While Tristan Rennie “has the foundation of classic [skateboarding].”

Peep the video. Mountain isn’t exaggerating.


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