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Ryan Sheckler 15 years strong

Ryan Sheckler 15 years strong

Ryan Sheckler, perhaps the most loyal skateboarder in the history of the sport, has represented Etnies ever since they first sponsored him at the age of 8. Most skaters move on to bigger outfits the first chance they get, it’s more or less expected for them to, but Sheckler didn’t.

The story behind Sheckler’s first pair of Etnies is as humorous as it is iconic. When Ryan, along with his brother Shane, first met pro-boarder Don Brown (also Etnies-affiliated), he roasted them both (a “WHAT ARE THOSE!?” moment), cut Shane’s shoelaces off, and hooked them both up with Etnies shoes (you can hear Sheckler tell this story himself at 0:35). Since his career began, Ryan Sheckler has been winning contests and landing NBDs and gracing the covers of skateboarding magazines.

One of his many career highlights – and perhaps his claim to fame – was clearing the ‘Costco Gap.’ It was a landmark achievement for the entire skate community. Ricki Bedenbaugh, filmmaker for Etnies, recalls the trick, “I think his shoe flew off at one point… and then fourth try, he just nails it – bolts.”

Sheckler would go on to be labeled by Fox Weekly as one of the most influential skateboarders of all time and continues to enjoy a highly successful career today.


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