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Steve Caballero’s 50th Birthday Bash

Steve Caballero’s 50th Birthday Bash

Skateboarding giant and living legend Steve Caballero celebrates his 50th birthday on November 8th. It’s a worthy celebration of Caballero – the guy has been in the scene since day one and is an original member of The Bones Brigade – Tony Hawk’s original skate crew.

He even has his own signature shoe with vans, named the “Half Cab.” Fact is, skateboarding wouldn’t be what it is today without his influence and contributions. It should go without saying that the bash held for such a renowned pioneer
featured a host of live music, delectable drinks, and the famous Vans Combi bowl – yeah, no biggie.

Even at 50 years, Caballero shows us that he still has it by skating the pool – watch at 2:15 to see it. Don’t miss the highlights in this video, brought to us by the Ride Channel.

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