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The Tony Hawk $1000 Vert Drop

The Tony Hawk $1000 Vert Drop

Shred or Die presents the 2007 Tony Hawk “Drop In Challenge,” where non-skateboarding desk jockeys compete for glory, as they drop in on a 13-foot-high ramp. The main requirement is that challengers can’t be paid to skateboard.

Hawk says, “we have competitors that are not paid to ride their skateboards, nor do they skate very much or ever skate vert.”

The rules are simple, “they must drop in from the top and make it to the deck of the opposing wall to get 1000 dollars,” explains Hawk.

This one gets interesting since we see an accountant, production assistant, and warehouse manager take this on with nothing but a board, helmet, and knee pads.

You can see how nervous these guys are as they set up to drop in – watch at 2:30 to see an epic bail. It’s an impressive spectacle and a first in skateboarding history.

Catch the video to see who wins the 2007 Tony Hawk “Drop In Challenge” and the $1,000.

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