Tony Hawk takes us through his journey to land a NBD

“Are you truly committed or are you going to walk away?” – Tony Hawk

That’s the question that defines skateboarders. Are you going to put in the hours, I mean, it’s easier to go home and play PlayStation, rather than spend hours on one trick. Outsiders don’t understand this, but skateboarding requires constant repetition and progression.

Hundreds of attempts are made until we get the right footing, shoulders in the right place, and the guts to stop the trick out. All these factors come into play, and need to be perfectly executed. It’s an excruciating process that leaves skateboarders exhausted and as Hawk puts it, “Takes skill and takes effort,” but it can feel like luck comes into play. Hawk says it perfectly at 02:25, “it’s almost as if you get lucky, but I’m willing to put forth those hundred of attempts to get lucky that one time.”

Hawk takes us through his process of landing a Never Been Done (NBD) trick as he learns to backside 360 shuv to a frontside nosegrind. After watching, this, anyone will feel better about their new trick taking 100 tries because even the pros still go through this struggle.

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