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Vert Attack

Combined with wrestling B-Roll, the type where guys are getting the works by being suplexed and RKO’d, and buttery vert acrobats, this video is vert skateboarding at it’s finest – now, we need to give those wrestlers a board.

This year’s Vert Attack contest heads over to Bryggeriet Malmo Skatepark from April 11th through the 13th. The event is held by Rob Ayton and has been hailed by him as being the “most amazing vert competition, possibly in the world”. Famed pro-skateboarder, Bucky Lasek considers Vert Attack to be “the perfect organic vert environment…magical”.

The Byggeriet ramp is purposely small-built, giving it that classic feel and allowing skateboarders from all backgrounds/levels to shred it at their pace. “There is nothing better than the energy you get around this ramp,” says contestant John Magnusson.

Women, Juniors, Pro/AM, Masters, and Veterans all bring heaters as they enter the firing block. This contest attracts the likes of seasoned pro-boarders such as Bucky Lasek, Sean Goff, and Lola T. It’s one for


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