6 Pack with Daan Van Der Liden

Watch as Daan Van Der Linden throws down 6 tricks in Amsterdam, Holland to win a six pack and 35 dollars. He is put to the test as the Chris “Rhino” Mooney, Independent Trucks Team Manager, asks him to throw down tricks such as nose-grind tail grabs and indie nose picks – A lot of work for a 6-pack and 35 dollars.

This video was shot back in 2013 when Van Der Linden was 17, but it’s all good. The drinking age in Holland is 16, he had a year to prepare for this moment. Regardless, it’s impressive, at 17 Van Der Linden could land Rhino’s trick list, and even more impressive that he could chug an entire Heineken – see the beer chugging at 3:40.

Van De Linden has grown immensely and is now 23 years old and skates for Nike SB, Volcom, and Antihero. He has been a ripper since inception and this video is proof.


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