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Chris Cole: NBD Part 1

Chris Cole: NBD Part 1

“Skateboarding likes to think that once there is an established group of people that are the best there can’t be any more additions to it. When I first saw Chris Cole I knew immediately that he was going to be added to that list. Whether anyone wanted it or not, he was going to be one of the greatest of all time.” – Steve Berra

Chris Cole’s peers paint him as a fearless innovator who, as Wes Kremer claims, “never does a trick twice.” Steve Berra describes Cole’s tricks as “earthquakes” as Cole approaches “momentous skate spots and throws undone tricks down them.”

Berra assures us that those momentous spots are big, and you can see it for yourself, tune in at 3:00 to see Cole’s huge switch Backside flip. You can see more content like this from The Berric’s YouTube channel.

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