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Eric Koston: X Games Tryouts 1999

Eric Koston: X Games Tryouts 1999

Eric Koston, the American Professional skateboarder, is hands down one of the most iconic skateboard figures today. He revolutionized street skateboarding and is the co-founder of The Berrics skate warehouse.

The Berrics takes credit for creating iconic series such as “Buttery Ass Mondays” and “Battle at the Berrics” (The annual game of skate competition). Koston has been a part of iconic skate vids such as Girl Skateboard’s “Yeah Right!” Skateboarders know what Koston is up to now, but have you ever wondered what he was doing back in the day?

Youtube Channel, Skateintheday, dug up a classic competition video, featuring Koston, where he was trying out for the 1999 X-Games. It’s hard to believe Koston had to tryout for anything, but everyone had too – even Tony Hawk, who is also seen in the video.

The video takes place in Richmond, Virginia, and the competition was known officially as the X-Trails. You can see Koston ooze style from 0:20 to 0:45. Beyond Koston, this video features Chet Thomas, Mike Peterson, Bucky Lasek, and many more.

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